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  • Cinema centre Tapio

  • Cinema centre Tapio

Cinema centre Tapio

05 / 2018
08 / 2018

Cinema Centre Tapio, located in Joensuu, reshaped its largest theatre, the Tapio 1 hall, in August 2018. The hall underwent a total transformation. Its intimate ambiance must be felt on-site! Theatre seats, lighting as well as wall and floor surfaces were renovated. However, the most audible change occurred in the sonic environment, implemented with the Dolby Atmos system.

The old front row of the theatre was removed, and wheel chair seats are now located at both ends of the front row farther back. Atmospheric starlight fixtures were lifted to the walls of the theatre. These have already been seen at the Maxim cinema in Varkaus, which has also been designed by Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd. Both cinemas are owned by the eastern Finnish Savon Kinot Ltd.

Darkish theatre with golden effects. Photo © Savon Kinot Ltd.

Shooting star lighting fixtures designed by Partanen & Lamusuo twinkle on the walls. Photo © Savon Kinot Ltd.


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