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BioRex Hämeenlinna

Renovation and extension: 565 m2, extension (hall 5) 79 m2
Customer: BioRex Cinemas
Address: BioRex Verkatehdas, Paasikiventie 2, 13200 Hämeenlinna
Principal design: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Outi Taskinen, Virpi Mononen, Emmi Kinnunen

05 / 2017
06 / 2018

Verkatehdas – a cinema experience for six senses

When you go to the movies, you move to another world for a while. BioRex's largest PRIME theatre at Verkatehdas (Baize Factory), Hämeenlinna, takes spectators to supreme comfort of cinematic pleasure. Sculptural multidimensional bronze pillars glittering with light create a festive ambiance. The spacious theatre has 210 extra-wide seats. They offer plenty of private space to delve into the cinematic experience.

The large, luminous screen brings 4K laser-projected movie experience palpably near in the Dolby Atmos multichannel sound environment.

Verkatehdas has now five theatres, a spacious, silver-bronze lobby and atmospheric passageways. The delicatessen has been designed to let you take away popcorns and soft drinks handily and quickly. From the lobby glittering with bronze of the delicatessen, you pass on to the movie theatres along a royal blue passageway filled with stars.

The three-dimensional bronze pillars of the walls also have an acoustic effect. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo.

The stool railing in the front row entices to take a lazing position. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo.

Frolicking lighting of the fifth theatre. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo.


You can only enjoy a good film on a good seat. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo.

You can get movie delicacies handily from the renovated service lobby. Photo © BioRex.

Night at the Movies

The intimate fifth theatre was also fully reshaped in the cinema. 49 persons can enjoy a cinematic experience there at a time. Comfortable blue seats and footstools in the front row promise a movie evening for six senses. All theatres of Verkatehdas now have 4K laser technology, and stools at the railings add comfort.

Immortal quotations from cinema history decorate the passageways. Photo © BioRex.

Yeah baby, Yeah! Photo © BioRex.


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