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  • BioRex Riihimäki

  • BioRex Riihimäki

BioRex Riihimäki

Two halls, 155 people occupancy
Address: BioRex Riihimäki, Keskuskatu 8, 11100 Riihimäki
Customer: BioRex Cinemas
Principal design: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Outi Taskinen, Emmi Kinnunen

11 / 2017
12 / 2017

The magical atmosphere of the old cinema was preserved, although the two theatres of BioRex and the ticket sale service were completely reshaped. The theatres got modern screens and sound engineering. The good ventilation of the cinema was made visible in the decoration by treating the massive ventilation pipes. They received a glittering silver surface characteristic of BioRexes, in contrast to the renovated blue seats.

BioRex Riihimäki is a combination of nostalgia of the cinematic experience and the enchantment created by the decor. Photo © BioRex.

The blue seats are emblematic of BioRex cinemas. Photo © BioRex.

The staircase lighting shimmering in silver creates a touch sci-fi in the large theatre. Photo © BioRex.


Silver glitters both on the walls and in the Rex fixtures. Photo © BioRex.

Familiar and beloved. The old ceiling lamp was repaired. It gets a lift from the walls of the same hue. Photo © BioRex.

The viewing comfort of the large theatre was substantially improved also because an ascending auditorium was built in the large theatre. The last row is now 70 centimetres higher than the first. The large theatre seats 115 spectators and the small theatre 40. The beautiful old ceiling lamp was kept in the lobby as a familiar mood setter. The staircase lighting shimmering in silver, in its turn, creates a touch sci-fi in the large theatre.

Bronze-toned doors lead the visitor to the theatres. Photo © BioRex.

The entrance to the old cinema property is charming. Photo © BioRex.


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