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BioRex Sello

Six halls, 813 persons
Commissoned by: Digital Cinema Matila & Röhr Oy
Location: Kauppakeskus Sello, Espoo
In cooperation with: Helin & Co Arkkitehdit
Chief Designer: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Virpi Kleminen, Taru Paavilainen


The theme running through the architecture of the Bio Rex Sello is bronze. The impressive atmosphere inside the auditoria is created with bronze-stained veneer on the lighting structures and midnight blue curtaining on the walls. The glistening silver of the foyer attunes its visitors to the fictitious film world even before the bronze doors of the auditorium are opened. All the auditoria are designed for the showing of digital and 3D movies and can be used for holding seminars. One auditorium, the Rex Room, is furnished in luxury style.

Bronze lighting fixtures are truly the eye catchers. Photo © Pa-La

The movie posters are accented with stylish frames. Photo © Pa-La

The plywood fixtures come alive with the play of light and shadow. Photo © Pa-La


The design of the stand railing is finely polished and timeless. Photo © Pa-La

Details of BioRex Sello. Photo © Pa-La

We think that more important than flexibility for the creative collaboration is adaptability.
The ability to tell the same story even when the amount of pages in the book changes. With the knowledge collected having completed hundreds of small and large projects we can deduce that even though we are very proud of what we have accomplished the merit for our best work goes to our clients. They have shared our point of view that we only succeed because we share the same vision and dream. We design spaces, buildings and environments that are comfortable to live and work, pleasant to the eye and sustainable. We are creative design and architectural group, we want to create an inclusive world all around us - Piece by Piece.