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  • More harmonious world one Piece at a time

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  • More harmonious world one Piece at a time


We are creative design and architecture office creating harmonious world all around us - one Piece at a time.

Women Entrepreneurs of Finland

Jaana Partanen is giving the oration.

Onni facade comes alive

Showtime 18.-25.11.2018!

At the Steps to Sainthood – new pictures

As photographed by Pekka Mäkinen.

The vibes from Riisa

Welcome to visit!
Our living environment has tremendous affect on us. However, in todays world we can effect our environment more than ever before. Whether it is a single space, public building, home or an entire landscape we at Partanen & Lamusuo have made it our mission to create a world of harmony, beauty and function around us - more complete one Piece at a time.