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Hey reader!

I'm Venla Mikkonen and I'm 3rd year BBA student at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. I've been for the last five months a marketing trainee in Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd and training has had a lot of changes from my competence development to Corona-time self-guarantee and home office.

I applied to Pa-La for an internship because I was fascinated by their diverse engagement with architecture, art, and charity. I saw an opportunity to get to show off my skills and develop as an employee. In addition, as I researched Pa-La’s website, I remembered the text “The interns can gently learn how to work in a design studio. In our team their input is seen as valuable as any other.” and I wanted to be part of that team.

The coffee breaks were kept around at the 23 ™ table, which is part of palad's product range. Venla wrote palad's social media postings during the internship. Photo © Pa-La.

Venla wrote a news story about the Tinsmith's museum Fyrry, which opened at the end of June. Photo © Mikko Lehtimäki.

Venla was impressed by Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd's charity work, which made her apply for the internship. Photo © Aake Roininen.

Piece by piece, I feel developed to be more prepared to take on new challenges.

During my internship, I worked as a marketing and communications assistant and really got to do jobs in my field that changed almost daily and gave me experience and confidence to work. During the internship, I was an equal Pa-La team member and was able to give my own input and opinion on the projects. My work assignments were varied and I was able to publish social media posts, write news stories, make newsletters, edit images and brochures in Photoshop and InDesign, and make customer calls, for example.

Personally, I could not have wished for a better internship where I would be free to implement and develop myself in this way. Coworkers play a big role in enjoying work and the Pa-La team is a very encouraging and engaging work community. If this is read by someone looking for an internship, I highly recommend applying to Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd. You get to work on a top team, get challenges and feedback as you work.

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