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VetreaElo Maria

New construction: 1200 kem²
Address: Letkukaari 5, 70820 Kuopio
Customer: Vetrea Terveys Ltd
Consulting group: Lehto Group
Pa-La principal design: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Outi Taskinen and Virpi Mononen

11 / 2018

Warmth and natural light 

In November 2018, Vetrea's new care building VetreaElo Maria was completed at Petonen, Kuopio. It offers housing services to disabled persons and those suffering from neurological illnesses. The building houses a total of 30 residences whose sizes vary from 23 to 26 m2. The VetreaElo concept is repeated strongly in the design of the space, both in the architecture and in the decoration. The interiors are roomy and bright, accompanied by pleasant acoustics and a calming colour environment.  In addition to the living quarters, the care building houses two common recreational facilities, a therapy room, a general kitchen and a common dining recess.

It is nice to meet other residents of the house in the recreational facilities. Photo © Petra Tiihonen.

Green verdancy of VetreaElo Maria. Photo © Petra Tiihonen.

A resident can choose for his or her room the desired hue of the effect wall. Photo © Petra Tiihonen.

The nature theme is also repeated in the Terho lighting fixtures. Photo © Petra Tiihonen.

Comfort for the entire property

The VetreaElo concept focuses on the individual's well-being and independent living. Each resident's flat has its own WC and bathroom and a reservation for a kitchenette. The majority of the flats also have a direct passage to a private terrace, to enjoy the proximity of nature and a cosy courtyard. The outdoor environment has been enhanced with plant design and by creating passages and paths in the vicinity of the care house. The aim is to make the surroundings of the building agreeable all year round. Many residents' milieu may be limited to the surroundings of the care house, so it is of primary importance to make it safe, homelike and comfortable. Besides the residents, the surroundings also delight the care house staff and visitors.

VetreaElo Maria is full of light and verdancy. Photo © Petra Tiihonen.

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