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  • BioRex Rovaniemi

  • BioRex Rovaniemi

BioRex Rovaniemi

Five theaters, 362 person occupancy
Renovation and expansion: 898 m²
Address: Koskikatu 17, Rovaniemi, Finland
Customer: Bio Rex Cinemas
Principal Design office: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Outi Taskinen, Janne Ijäs

12 / 2014
09 / 2015

BioRex Rovaniemi located in Rovaniemi continues the recognizable theme of movie theatres designed by Partanen & Lamusuo. The quality interiors and sweets available from the newly renovated snack shop guarantee an enjoyable movie experience. The walls are decorated with splashy curtains. The glow of geometric lights between the curtains acts as windows to the world of cinema. The VIP-seats located at the optimal viewing distance from the screen in theatre 1 are 20 cm wider than standard seats. The front seats give the ability to lift up your feet and watch the movie in the most comfortable way possible.

While renovating the movie theater the Sampokeskus façade also got a facelift with large crown patterned decorative window film. The inspiration for the crown pattern came from the name BioRex and visual thematic. Besides being decorative the perforated window film also affords visual privacy and protects from the sun.

Read more about the furniture: Rex Collection.

Shades of blue and bronze are glowing in the movie halls. Photo © Pa-La.

The crown patterned decorative window film. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen.



Door surface materials are carefully thought out and reproduce the color scheme of interior design. Photo © Pa-La.

The delicacy shop and the ticket sale. Photo © Pa-La.

Bronze plywood doors lead to the cinema halls. Photo © Pa-La.

Interesting shadows are created on the walls through window frames and the facade tape pattern. Photo © Pa-La.

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