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BioRex Tornio

11 / 2015
7 / 2016

The BioRex of Tornio is located in Rajalla Shopping Mall. The new movie theatre complex was implemented into an existing building. The design of the foyer and store area was inspired by the strong diagonal lines of the Rajalla Mall. The lively placement of furniture, material choices, floating ceiling tiles and multiple lighting solutions keep the foyers interesting and personalized. Comprehensive cinema experience was emphasized when designing the theatres where excellent acoustics, comfort and aesthetics are combined.

Read more about the furnitures: Tuma Collection and Rex Collection.

The comfortable and functional halls ensure a pleasant movie experience. Photo © Pa-La

Citations on walls inspire to the cinema atmosphere. Photo © Pa-La

The printed wallpaper enlivens a long corridor. Photo © Pa-La




Several lighting solutions have been implemented in the lobby. Photo © Pa-La

Playful look was created in the lobby and in the shop with floating acoustic panels. There's also silver Tuma sofas and Rex-Arc ottomans for resting. Photo © Pa-La

The rugged surface of concrete molds was exposed on some of the walls. Photo © Pa-La

Floating acoustic panels and structured silver walls lead to the halls 1 and 2. On the right there's couple of Rex-Arc ottomans. Photo © Pa-La

"Excellent space, not too tight even the theatres are small. Very cozy! Awesome sound system and great movie screens. Makes you come back over and over again. Nice and smiley customer care tops it all!"

- Facebook-comment, December of 2017

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