Like being in the nature!


Partanen & Lamusuo collaborated with the Riihisaari Museum and Metsähallitus. As a result of the co-operation, new spaces were planned for Metsähallitus, located in the Riihisaari Museum. The spaces were completed in September 2021 and include, among other things, walls and storage shelves disguised as log stacks, a hut and a campfire site as props and a lake landscape on the wall. The theme of the newly renovated space is nature and the forest, and it is clearly visible in the implementation.


Forest and nature serve as the theme of the space. © Picture Pa-La

You will find a hut and a campfire place at the new space. © Kuva Pa-La

There was used the Moving Castle approach in the project, where Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo go to the site, plan and come up with ideas, and also present their sketches and suggestions to the client. It is a workshop-type way of working in which the customer's opinions are listened to and co-operation is made to achieve shared dreams and visions.

Read the entire Metsähallitus presentation here.


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