Palad furniture in Riihisaari


The Riihisaari Museum in Savonlinna underwent a major renovation in 2021. During the renovation, both the surfaces and the furniture were renewed. Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd was involved in the renovation of customer service premises, such as sales area and lobby area.

We worked closely with the museum staff to design colors and surfaces for the aforementioned premises. In addition to these, new benches called Penkki 2000, were designed as custom-made for the museum. Penkki 2000 is made of wood material that was taken from under the museum's old structures, which would not otherwise have been utilized at all. The material is the same as in the museum's supporting structures, so the benches work great with the environment. They also wanted to order other Palad products besides hand-carved benches. In the Riihisaari Museum you can find ORTOBOX- and 23-tables along with the custom-made and handcrafted Penkki 2000 seats.

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Windows and bench create a funny looking illusion of face. Photo © Pa-La

ORTOBOX-table side by side with Penkki 2000. Photo © Pa-La

Penkki 2000 fits nicely with the rest of the museum's surroundings. Photo © Pa-La

"The premises and furniture have received praise and admiration from people! - Riihisaari's comment in Facebook

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