Illusion exhibition


The Illusion Spring exhibition has now been opened at the Tampere Art Museum. Jaana Partanen's artwork Matix Layer which is the second part of The Mental Alchemy trilogy is on display at the museum. The art work reflects on the secrets of the mind and especially the world of sleep. In addition to Jaana all the artists selected for the exhibition are pioneers of Finnish interactive art.

The works in the exhibition deal with a variety of themes, such as disappearance and temporality, the subconscious and the dream world, parenting and interpersonal relationships, and the exercise of social power. The unifying factor between the different works is giving the viewer an active role.

Exhibition will be on display 26.2-22.5.2022 at the Tampere Art Museum. The museum is open Tue-Thu 9-17 and Fri-Sun 10-18.

See more on Tampere Art Museum web site.

More about Matrix Layer on Jaana Partanen's artist page.

The interactive media work Matrix layer is a unique experience for each exhibition guest. Photo © Pa-La

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