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Shanghai EXPO

Media artworks, sound surroundings, guides’ costumes and casting, artist guides, civil photography contest
Location: China, Shanghai EXPO 2010 World Exhibition, Finnish Pavilion
Commissioned by: Finpro Ry
Participants: Listed below

05 / 2010

Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd created the manuscript and visual appearance for the Finland Pavilion in Shanghai EXPO. Partanen & Lamusuo also acted as artistic director and directed the costume selections as well as was responsible for sound environment and arranging a photography competition. Partanen & Lamusuo also took part in brainstorming, curating and coordinating the Artist Guide –project.

Shanghai EXPO was the largest world EXPO ever organized. 234 countries, areas and international organizations took part in this monumental event. Finland Pavilion was visited by 5,7 million visitors – 2 million more than expected!

An architectural competition was arranged on the planning of Finland's World Exhibition pavilion, and the winner was Kirnu (Churn), designed by architects' office JKMM. Kirnu's exhibition design was made by Partanen & Lamusuo Partnership together with Fantasiarakenne of Kuopio and Muotohiomo of Helsinki, after the team won the invitation competition arranged on the exhibition design of the pavilion. The theme of the exhibition content was Sharing Inspiration.

Artist guide Kirsi Pitkänen in her bubble. Photo © Pa-La

Artist guide Johanna Rönkkö in the pool of Finnish Pavilion. Photo © Pa-La

Intro, Finnish flow, 2010, multimedia presentation, size: 6,5 x 19m. © Partanen & Lamusuo Oy / Anima Vitae Ltd. Photos: Pa-La / Jaska Kosonen.



Hall 1, Bubbles of Creativity (detail), 2010, multimedia presentation, size 7,5 x 37m. © Partanen & Lamusuo Oy / Anima Vitae Ltd.

Harvest of the photography contest as part of the Finnish Pavilion media presentations. Photo © Simo Sahari

Media artworks
Thanks to: Fantasiarakenne Oy, Muotohiomo Oy, Exiformat Ltd, JKMM
Production and technical realisation: Anima Vitae Oy
Script, visual image, artistic directing: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Emiilia Kosonen

Sound surroundings
Audio realisation: Working group of Sibelius Academy
Directing: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo

Guides costumes and casting
Costume realisation: Aalto University / The Department of Design
Casting and mentoring of guides: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo

Hall 2, City of Dreams (detail), 2010, multimedia presentation, size 7,5 x 43 m. © Partanen & Lamusuo Oy / Anima Vitae Ltd.

Hall guide of Finnish Pavilion and artist guide Kirsi Pitkänen at their work. Photo © Pa-La

Artist guides
Thanks to: City of Kuopio, Arts Council of Pohjois-Savo, Cursor Oy, The Concept of Dash, Oulu15, Air Guitar World Championships
Artist Guides: performance artist Kirsi Pitkänen, Duo Petra and Simo Sahari, performance artist Johanna Rönkkö, Humandrum-musician Antti Pylkkänen, Duo Riitta Väisänen / Petra Lisitsin-Mantere, air guitarist Markus Vainionpää, Team of Parkour; The Concept of Dash, dance artist Helena Ratinen
Ideation, curation and co-ordination of Artist Guides project: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Emiilia Kosonen

Civil photography contest

Thanks to: Greater Helsinki Promotion, Kemira, Nokia
Ideation, curation and coordination of Civic photography contest: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Emiilia Kosonen, Taru Paavilainen

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The ability to tell the same story, even if the amount of pages in the book would change. With the experience of hundreds of both small and large projects, we can deduce that even though we are very proud of what we have accomplished, the merit for our best work goes to our clients. They have shared our point of view, that we can succeed only because we share the same vision and dream. We design spaces, buildings and environments that are comfortable to live and work in, pleasant to the eye and sustainable. We are a creative design and architecture office, we want to create an inclusive world all around us - Piece by Piece.
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