The dazzling Fyrry opened


The Tinsmith Museum Fyrry opened in the end of June. The new design museum in Vähäkyrö, Vaasa introduces craftmanship and its' history  in a fresh way. See more on project page!

The museum is open during the summer Tue–Sun 9–17. On Wednesdays the local tinsmiths give workshops at 15–15.30.

Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo designed a lamp for the new museum. The lamp is behind the original fyrry that served as an inspiration for the new lamp. Photo © Pa-La.

Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo will introduce the new lamp at Habitare Fair next year. Here Jaana is holding the new design lamp. Photo © Pa-La.

Traditional fyrrys have been used in the interior design. The museum has also borrowed its name from the whirlpool, originally used as a children's toy! Photo © Pa-La.

We designed a lamp for Tinsmith Museum. A model for the design was fyrry, a whirlpool. Originally fyrrys were toys for children. By blowing into a pipe the whirlpool started to rotate. The lamp is made using the same traditional craft methods as it’s model.

The novelty lamp will be on display at next year's Habitare Fair.

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