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  • The Signs of Life

  • The Signs of Life

  • The Signs of Life

  • The Signs of Life

  • The Signs of Life

The Signs of Life

The main exhibition design: ca. 1500 m²
Exhibition open: 
Starting March 8th, 2018
Customer: Satakunta Museum
Hallituskatu 11, 28100 Pori
Principal design office:
 Jaana Partanen ja Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La Team: 
Outi Taskinen, Emmi Kinnunen

07 / 2016
03 / 2018

The planning of the new basic exhibition of the Satakunta Museum was begun in the spring of 2016, and it opened to the public on March 8th 2018. The extensive renovation comprises all the three storeys of the exhibition space of ca. 1500 m², between which was created a tortuous, experiential exhibition path. All the artefacts of the museum were changed, except for certain permanent favourites of the public. The personnel of the Satakunta Museum prepared the script and contents of the exhibition, while Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd designed the architecture of the exhibition.

Experientiality formed the basis of the exhibition architecture, and several interiors offer the visitor plenty of pleasure to the eye. Also the lighting reacting to the visitor's movements and a themed sound environment strengthen the ambiance which can only be experienced on-site. Plenty of information can be found from the large collection of artefacts of the museum, so a single visit isn't enough to review all of it. There's enough information for several visits.

The railings got new layer of shades. Photo © Tommi Järvensivu / Satakunta Museum

There are a lot of information about artifacts and history. Photo © Tommi Järvensivu / Satakunta Museum

The objects are placed in their characteristic environments and interiors. The secrets of fishing can be conveniently explored with a tablet. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd


This space has feeling of Porin Puuvilla Oy. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd

Mystical Hall of Fame. Photo © Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd

The large collections of artefacts in the museum relate the way of life in Satakunta from the Stone Age to the present day. The exhibition tour begins from the bronze middle storey, which presents the history of Satakunta through artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages to rustic culture. The tour continues to the silver ground floor, focussing on the history of Pori. The golden upper floor is dedicated to persons and customs of Satakunta.

Signs of Life can now also be experienced through various new events at the museum, supported by the Taavi stage, adapting Taavi Koskinen's raft, designed in the centre of the ground floor. You can take a break on the Pier benches placed in front of the stage during the museum tour. Lectures, concerts and other events got a worthy setting, as presentations can now also be followed from the upper storeys.

The official opening ceremony was celebrated with more than 500 guests! Photo © Tommi Järvensivu / Satakunta Museum

"The astonishing shelf" upstairs serves a variety of interesting items, some of which can be found behind the door. Photo © Tommi Järvensivu / Satakunta Museum


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