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  • Ry and Ru

Ry and Ru

City of Vaasa art competetion for Teeriniemi kindergarten

Artwork proposition: “Ry and Ru”
Customer: Vaasa City Museums
Artists: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Ville Hintsala
Material: 1st part: brick, 2nd part: tufted textile carpet, 3rd part: tufted textile carpet and digital part


The three-part artwork "Ry and Ru" highlights the history of Vaasa as one of the first places in Finland where rugs (in Finnish “ryijy”) were found. The rug once brought warmth and shelter, recording important dates and historical events. In addition to all this, at its best it has also been a valued work of art. The modern wall rugs at Teeriniemi kindergarten are all of these things, but they also take the evolution of the art rug to a new level; into a tilel facade, a ceiling and a hybrid artwork combining traditional rug and digital art.

The modern brick rugs on the façade of the kindergarten add a cosy and soft touch to the brick exterior. Loggia's large rug is visible from Teeriniemenkatu and the rug next to the main entrance marks the entrance and invites you to step inside.

The first part of the work is placed on the façade of the building. Photo planting into illustration by Arkkitehtitoimisto LPV Oy.

The second part is located in the light element of the ceiling. Photo planting into illustration by Arkkitehtitoimisto LPV Oy.

The third part of the work is in the kindergarten canteen. Photo planting into illustration by Arkkitehtitoimisto LPV Oy.

The life of a modern wall rug continues in the light element at the ceiling of the staircase. The piece softens the sense of space with its soft textile texture. The frame is surrounded by LED light that brings the rug to life.

In the information and art wall of the dining area, the display is embedded in a soft tufted rug. From time to time, a missing piece of the rug appears on the info screen in digital form, making the artwork complete and ever-changing.

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