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  • Eksote K-hospital

Eksote K-hospital

06 / 2018

A modern new construction flexible to alterations was planned for the Central Hospital of South Karelia. The new construction forms an important central fixed point for the entire hospital, dominating the whole building stock of the hospital area as well as its internal operation. Particular attention is paid to comfort and customer orientation in the planning of the new construction. The building houses the joint emergency duty of primary and special health care, inpatient wards and laboratory spaces.

K-hospital, Eksote, Lappeenranta, 2018. Photo © Cembrit Ltd

Colourful facade artwork can be seen in a long distance. K-hospital, Eksote, Lappeenranta, 2018. Photo © Cembrit Ltd


K-hospital, Eksote, Lappeenranta, 2018. Photo © Outi Pulli / Eksote

You can find cute animals from the childrens area. Photo © Outi Pulli / Eksote

The architectural and principal planning of the building was done in co-operation with Architects' Office Ovaskainen. Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd answered for the architectural modellings of the new construction and for the public spaces both in- and outdoors.

There's a lot of art inside the building thanks to Eksotes art plan. Photo © Outi Pulli / Eksote

Eksote K-hospital, 2018. Photo © Pa-La


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