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  • BioRex Tripla

BioRex Tripla

6 halls, 623 seats
: BioRex Cinemas
Address: Fredikanterassi 1, 00520 Helsinki
Pa-La principal design: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La: Laura Hartikainen, Ahmad Moradian, Ville Hintsala, Aaro Mäkinen, Oona Valonen


The first BioRex movie theater in Helsinki opened in August 2021. As part of the BioRex theme, Tripla also has bronze and silver elements. We made the interior and the furniture design for the new cinema.

With the renovation of the cinema, two halls were converted into premium level PLUS halls. The PLUS halls have side tables next to the seats with space for drinks and snack. The tables also have lights designed for them, which are attached to the tables.

The walls of the halls have round details in the color of precious metals. The coloring of the walls is dark, so that the metallic details stand out nicely. The lights on the tables and walls create a magical atmosphere in the hall.

The lights create a magical atmosphere in the hall. Photo © Pa-La

Palad furniture has been used to decorate the cinema. Photo © Pa-La

The cinema lobby is also atmospheric. Photo © Pa-La

Konto Oy's round acoustic panels can be found on the lobby ceiling, which work excellently in reducing sound and making the space quieter and more pleasant. Bronze cone lamps can also be seen in the lobby, which can also be found in Round restaurant in Kuopio and the BioRex cinema in Seinäjoki.

Wooden Palad furniture can also be found on BioRex Tripla's premises. They are made especially for the cinema. In addition, the Palad’s TUMA-P and TUMA-P MINI tables can be seen in the waiting and lobby areas.


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