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Area planning: 1.5200 ha
Address: Siikaranta 4, Kuopio
Commissioned by: Kiinteistö Oy Kuopion Siikaranta 4
Pa-La Chief Designer: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Elina Rukajärvi, Virpi Mononen

02 / 2019
06 / 2019

Bellanpuisto is an outing area for relaxing and minigolf playing by the lake Kallavesi. Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd took part in designing the area plan.

The area will be completed in 2020 with two padel courses. Situated next to the travelling resort Saana Bellanpuisto diversifies the range of services in the Siikaranta area.

The mini golf course in Bellanpuisto has been influenced by iconic golf courses around the world. Photo © Bellanpuisto / Wille Markkanen.

The central location of the kiosk-café also paces the gaming. Photo © Bellanpuisto / Wille Markkanen.

It is nice to sit on the terrace and enjoy the scenery. Photo © Bellanpuisto / Wille Markkanen.

Thanks to the lightning designed by Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd you can enjoy the activities also during darker summer nights. Photo © Bellanpuisto / Wille Markkanen.

Bellanpuisto is situated next to the travelling resort Saana. Photo © Bellanpuisto / Wille Markkanen.

All the eighteen holes of the golf course are inspired by the famous golf courses around the world. The paved fairways in the field and the planting areas between the tracks create a park-like entity. Thanks to the lightning designed by Pa-La team you can enjoy activities in Bellanpuisto even when the warm summer nights get darker.

A large waterfront terrace with a kiosk-shop was also designed. There you can enjoy refreshments and snacks.

Enjoy a perfect summer day in Bellanpuisto with friends and family.

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