Bellanpuisto open


Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd participated in the area planning of Bellanpuisto.

Bellanpuisto is an outing area for relaxation and mini golf playing. In future years there will also be two padel courses. Bellanpuisto is situated in Bellanranta, next to the travelling resort Saana.

The 18-hole city golf course has been inspired by the many iconic golf courses around the world. Thanks to the lighting designed by Pa-La team you can play even when the warm summer nights get darker.

Bellanpuisto, the new city golf course in Kuopio. Photo © Wille Markkanen.

Bellanpuisto is situated next to the travelling resort Saana. Photo © Pa-La.

Jaana and Heikki tested the city golf course at Bellanpuisto. Photo © Pa-La.

You can relax and enjoy the scenery at Bellanpuisto terrace. © Wille Markkanen.

Bellanpuisto owners Antti and Jaana Pakkala together with Jaana and Heikki. Photo © Pa-La.

Bellanpuisto donated 40 free rounds to Save the Children organisation. Photo © Pa-La.