Palad Showroom has open doors!


The time has come again when the doors of the Palad Showroom open for everyone!

Friday 22.10. from 12 to 20, the doors are open to everyone. Come and get amazed by the Showroom and the Palad furniture!

On the same day, there will also be an Seductive Silver Cultural Tour from 18 to 19:30. The tour starts from the Showroom (Puijonkatu 16, Kuopio).
Registration for the tours is made in advance at or by phone: 050 501 0506
More information here: About the cultural tour

Welcome! 😊

The upstairs of Palad Showroom is bright and roomy. Picture © Pekka Mäkinen

On Friday, October 22, The Seductive Silver tour will take place under the guidance of Jaana Partanen.

There is a gallery-like space downstairs in the Showroom. Picture © Pekka Mäkinen

You can buy books shown in the picture as well as Palad notebooks in Palad Showroom.

Detailed work draws attention to different surfaces. Picture © Pekka Mäkinen


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