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The Gold and Silver Tours take you and your friend on a journey into the world of Finnish modern architecture, public art and furniture design in the center of Kuopio. The tours will present the Kuopio-based creative design and architectural firm Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd's design sites and the stories behind them. The tour is suitable for anyone interested in art, design and architecture.

Get ready to enjoy a diverse cultural experience and the sparkle of precious metals!

Please take with you weather-appropriate equipment and a backpack full of creative mind!

* Please take care of safety gaps, the use of respirators and that you only participate in the tour in good health.

We also organize open cultural tours for everyone. Next tour: Friday 3rd February 2023. Duration 1,5 h. The tour starts at Palad Showroom, Puijonkatu 16, Kuopio.

There are two different tours. The tours can be customized according to the interests of the group. Feel free to ask more!

Golden memories -tour 

  • carried out by bike, bring your own bike (the group can also arrange transport, for example by bus)
  • duration 2,5 hours

Seductive silver -tour

  • carried out on foot in the center of Kuopio
  • duration 1,5 hours
  • the guide is the artistic director Jaana Partanen

Inquiries by e-mail or phone +358 50 501 0506.  The tour takes place when at least five people have registered. Starting point at the Kuopio center is Palad Showroom, Puijonkatu 16.

You should also check out the wonderful Culture Afternoon package, which is tailored for a group of ten people. More information on TrueKPO web site.

We also organize private cultural tours for groups. Feel free to ask more!

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