New Palad furniture


Storage furniture TOWERI™
Palad novelty TOWERI™ is a versatile, modular storage cabinet with many different uses. TOWERI™ is especially suitable for spaces where the shape and purpose of the furniture must be easily customizable, such as hotel lobbies, open-plan offices or school multifunctional spaces.

Thanks to its modularity, the TOWERI™ instantly transforms from a standing workstation into a storage tower or coffee table / stool. The table tops, which open in four directions, have different heights, so there is a suitable working height for everyone. Find out more on Palad website: TOWERI™

TOWERI™ is suitable as a working station. Photo © Pa-La.

There is a lot of storage space inside the drawers of TOWERI™. Photo © Pa-La.

The sculptural table CEE™. Photo © Pa-La.

CEE™ table
The clear and sculptural CEE™ acts as a coffee table or stand that hides three drawers of storage space inside. The table is perfect for both the living room and e.g. hotel lobbies. It is easy to integrate a wireless charging point into the table. Take a closer look at this great new product on Palad website: CEE™

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