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Design item
Designers: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La Team: Siiri Murtola

03 / 2015
03 / 2016

Tattis is a stool designed for outdoor use and is easy to install even in the most uneven terrain. It is made out of glue joined pine and is available in three colors: brown, dead wood grey and black. You can also create combinations of colors by separating the support from the seat. Tattis stool is available in two different heights.

Tattis was designed to celebrate the fifht anniversay of Women’s Bank of Kuopio. All proceeds go to Women’s Bank to support girls and women in the world’s poorest countries.

Product inquiries: Pirjo Ronkainen, tel. 0440 832 358, and

Tattis, 2016. Photo © Aake Roininen

Tattis is available in three different colors. Photo © Aake Roininen

Tattis stools from left to right: Dead wood gray, black and brown, 2016. Photo © Aake Roininen

The happy designers Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo want to do their part to support the important work of Women's Bank. Photo © Aake Roininen

"Tattis means thank you in Finnish. Which leads you to Women's Bank. Tattis is a universal product that could be used in Africa as well. Over there mothers cook the food outside - just like we do in the summertime."

- Jaana Partanen, Artist, Partanen & Lamusuo

We think that adaptability is more important than flexibility when it comes to creative collaboration.
The ability to tell the same story, even if the amount of pages in the book would change. With the experience of hundreds of both small and large projects, we can deduce that even though we are very proud of what we have accomplished, the merit for our best work goes to our clients. They have shared our point of view, that we can succeed only because we share the same vision and dream. We design spaces, buildings and environments that are comfortable to live and work in, pleasant to the eye and sustainable. We are a creative design and architecture office, we want to create an inclusive world all around us - Piece by Piece.