Meet our new interns


Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd is happy to offer internships to students from different fields. This summer after Venla finished her internship, we got two new reinforcements to our team - BBA student Miika Norrbacka and industrial design student Noora Niskanen. Miika's work assignments include different tasks from sales and marketing, while Noora is responsible for Pa-La's visual content.

From Miika's five-month internship period first month is already behind. For example the social media posts of Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd and palad are mainly Miika's doings.

"I saw that Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd was seeking a sales and marketing intern, and it immediately caught my attention. When I first came to the interview, I already knew that I wanted to do my internship here. I felt like I fit to the company, and both the atmosphere and people seemed encouraging. And I wasn't wrong - from the first day forward I've felt like a part of the Pa-La team. I can't wait what challenges the future holds!"

Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd's new interns Noora Niskanen and Miika Norrbacka. Photo © Pa-La

This is Noora’s second week from her internship which lasts overall for two months.

”I’m doing photo- and videography and graphic designing in the Pa-La team. During these first two weeks I have done some video editing from old video clips and already started to write a script for a new video.  Yesterday I took new pictures of Pa-La team’s personnel to put on social media (just wait for it, the pictures turned out great!) Working here has been very independent but help is always available when needed. I think that’s a great way of doing projects especially when the work is so creative.”


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