The Signs of Life


The Signs of Life, new Satakunta museum permanent exhibition grand opening was celebrated on Wednesday, March 7th 2018. The exhibition opened to the public the following day on March 8th, 2018, which was also the 460th anniversary of Pori! This permanent exhibition tells the story of the way of life in Satakunta spread out in three different floors. The skilled exhibition team picked the items that best fit the exhibition script that curator Johanna Jakomaa had created. Partanen & Lamusuo was responsible for creating the circulation layout as well as artistic look and feel of the exhibition.

The idea behind the exhibition design was to place the items in their natural environments. These unique environments are being widely represented in the exhibition. Dramatic ambience is created by lighting that reacts to the movement. The metallic shades that had become the trademark of Partanen & Lamusuo over the years were carefully selected as interior finishes. The exhibition starts from the 1st floor Bronze Age, which is finished with bronze shade. The exhibition then continues its way to the floor 0 with finishes in silver shade. The last and the highest of the exhibition, floor 2, is appropriately finished with gold.

Check out below the video by city of Pori where Johanna Jakomaa tells more about the exhibition (only in Finnish).

A view to the light shaft. Museum articles stand up in showcases that protect but also highlight them.

Taavi-ferry is the heart of the exhibition and works as a stage in the center of the place. In the opposite you can find deck-benches to rest during the museum tour.

In the top floor you can sense the feeling of the endless summer and miljö between milk platform and traditional barn dance feast.

The large ca. 1500 square meter area made the effort enormous for all of the participants and the tight schedule was a challenge to all. Big thanks goes to the museum team for diligent communication, without their hard work this exhibition would have been impossible to bring to life.

The Signs of Life
Satakunta Museum, Hallituskatu 11, 28100 Pori

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