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  • The Rain Sails

The Rain Sails

Principal design: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Aaro Mäkinen, Ville Hintsala
Material: sailcloth, concrete posts, metal poles

The starting point for the design of the Rain Sails was to create an experience artwork that protects market-goers from both rain and sun. An experiential and functional work of art brings out the wonder of nature, enlivens the market environment and offers a natural meeting place.

The Rain Sails are designed to be made of white sailcloth and nine poles, to which the triangular sails inspired by sailboats are attached. When realized, the experience artwork would cover an area of ​​approximately 10 m x 20 m.

The artwork offers market-goers the opportunity to be enchanted by the small miracles of nature in the middle of the built environment: when it rains, rainwater collects in the sails and changes their position so that the water flows from one sail to another. The flowing water splashes through the sails into the plant pools arranged around the work. The miracle of the rain offers a multi-sensory experience that can be admired in the rain shelter under the sails.

On the benches placed under the sails of the artwork, you can rest with refreshments and snacks bought from the market. At the same time, visitors can be charmed by the aesthetics of The Rain Sails and enjoy the atmosphere of the market place. The work protects market-goers not only from the rain, but also from the scorching sun.

The Rain Sails artwork creates a place in the square for natural encounters between people. The environment of the experience artwork is a place where summer guests who have arrived from other towns want to be taken, both on rainy days and in sunny weather.

The white sails of the currently unrealized Rain Sails are associated with unhurried summer days spent on the beach or on a sailboat. At the same time, the work strengthens the image and identity of a Finnish city located by the water.

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