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Novapolis CoWork

Customer: KPY Novapolis
Address: Microkatu 1 M, 70210 Kuopio
Pa-La principal design: Jaana Partanen, Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Ville Hintsala, Aaro Mäkinen, Laura Hartikainen, Pentti Hartikainen
Pa-La tasks: Principal and architectural design, interior design of solid structures

09 / 2020
03 / 2022

Spiral stairs, Meeting Boxes, a winding service desk and much more!

In the spring of 2020, an innovation competition organized by KPY Novapolis gave Partanen & Lamusuo the opportunity to develop the facilities of Novapolis. The starting point of the design was to make more efficient use of the premises and to provide attractive environments for a changing working life. For a year and a half, we worked on a community workspace, CoWork, that provides an inspiring environment for working without forgetting how to relax together.

The CoWork space has quiet workstations, soundproofed Meeting Boxes for meetings of all sizes and a place to work quietly. Special attention has been paid to ergonomics and tranquility in the workspaces. The interior of the space is decorated in natural tones and wood and especially the light, open spaces and plants make the place an inspiring work environment.

We worked as the main and architectural designers of the project. Among other things, we designed the solid structures of the interior. The transparent glass railings of the spiral staircase lead customers to a completely newly made upstairs, and the space has been used better than before. Around the lower part of the pillars supporting the upstairs, mosaics have been made in the spirit of the circular economy from old floor tiles that have been able to be reused.

The winding service counter offers delicacies for the working day. Photo © Pa-La

The workspaces at Novapolis CoWork are bright and comfortable. Photo © Pa-La

A spiral staircase leads to a new upstairs. Old floor tiles of the premises have been utilized to make mosaics. Photo © Pa-La

The stage also has tables and seating for dining and working. Photo © Pa-La

CoWork features the Tastory Origo Restaurant, which serves international food. There is also Hav a Java Café. Fluency is brought about by the “snake-like” service counter, where customers can enjoy the service accompanied by the environment of nature and wood. The upholstery of the service counter is made of soft snakeskin fabric.

Hiili & Timantti Oy was responsible for the interior design of the space's detached structures and furniture as well as the quiet space.

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