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  • A Cultural environment of good living

  • A Cultural environment of good living

A Cultural environment of good living

Location: Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio
Commissioned by: Kuopio City Council
Compiled by:
A Cultural Environment for Good Living working group of city of Kuopio and Heikki Lamusuo

05 / 2005

As the objectives of the project plan subsidised by the Ministry of Education were set, among others, the development and expansion of the operations model of percentual art acquisitions and the inclusion of children's and young people's cultural education. The plan proposes means to root and activate residents to participate in the development of their area. The central factors of the plan are the comfort and safety of residential areas, the strengthening of their special characteristics and supporting sustainable development.

A Cultural Environment for Good Living.

Aerial photo of Saaristokatu. Photo © Vallas Oy

The Art Plan of Saaristokaupunki was created in 2007.

Saaristokatu, landscape road. Photo © Hannu Miettinen

An objective of the SaaristoGalleria project is to improve the employment and operational preconditions of enterprises of the culture sector and of artists and to develop their professional skills. The project will help to involve artists and professionals of the culture sector in the co-operation network of development and construction of the city. The operations model formed for the project can also be utilised in other projects around Finland.

The Art Plan or a general plan for the culture and art of Saaristokaupunki was created in 2007.

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