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The Art Plan

Location: Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio
Commissioned by: Kuopio City Council
Compiled by: The Art Plan working group of city of Kuopio and Heikki Lamusuo


The Art Plan is a general plan of art and culture on the basis of which Kuopio's Saaristokaupunki (Town of Islands) will be built into a good cultural environment for living. The Art Plan is composed of a specification and maps. It is a survey of the current cultural state and a vision of artistic and cultural possibilities.

The Art Plan directs the city's normal construction and development work. In addition, external financing, resources and partners will be incorporated into the planning and implementation by means of the Saaristogalleria (Archipelago Gallery) project, to be implemented on the basis of the formula. The Art Plan increases the residents' opportunities to influence the development of their environment. It provides the guidelines for realising art in accordance with the spirit of Saaristokaupunki and for creating an island town culture.

Saaristogalleria (Archipelago Gallery) / Kaisa Törmänen, Jussi Jänes, Kuopio, 2009. Photo © Pa-La

Saaristogalleria (Archipelago Gallery) / Sirpa Miettinen, Meri lahjoitti sen meille (The sea gave it away to us), Kuopio, 2010. Photo © Valpuri Lindberg

Saaristogalleria (Archipelago Gallery) / Harald Karsteni, Viesti sinulle, Kuopio, 2010. Photo © Pa-La

The Art Plan, Saaristokatu, landscape road, 2007. © Pa-La

Saaristogalleria (Archipelago Gallery) / Iiro Muraja & Antti Tiilikainen, Rantakala, Kuopio, 2010. Photo © Pa-La

Each areal entity of Saaristokaupunki has its own characteristics which will be strengthened as a part of the diversity of island town culture. The Art Plan identifies the elements of formation of the cultural environment.

The Saaristogalleria project helps to involve artists and professionals of the culture sector in the co-operation network of development and construction of the city. The forms of co-operation evolve, and the artists' professional skills are brought into the process already in the planning stage of projects, as the artists are members of the planning team. The importance of culture in improving the well-being of society is emphasised, and the appreciation of players in art and the culture sector grows, while the quality of construction, art and the environment is enhanced.

The Kuopio municipal executive board approved in 2007 the Art Plan to be followed as directive in all planning and implementation of Saaristokaupunki.

Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio. Photo © Pa-La

Publication (in Finnish); Taiteen kaava (pdf)

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