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Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd has designed several holiday homes and detached houses, in which connection with nature and organicity are an essential part of the basic idea and expression. The design is shaped by the dreams of the residents and the characteristics of the environment. The buildings are always connected by a few features - clarity, beauty, functionality and the amount of natural light.

When designing the cottage, our Moving Castle consultant service can be utilized. Moving Castle™ is a quick and efficient service, in which the design is made in close cooperation with the client.

The buildings of Honkasaari Villa blend in with the environment, which makes them difficult to notice from the lake. Photo © Pa-La

The location of Honkasaari Villa makes complete peace of nature possible. Photo © Pa-La

The evening sun shines from the lake to the terrace of Honkasaari Villa. Photo © Pa-La

For example, see how the design of Honkasaari Villa combines modern architecture with traditional log construction. The buildings are designed to be in harmony with the nature, and because they blend in with the environment so well, they are difficult to notice from the lake. This makes the complete peace of nature possible without any distractions.

Contact us and let's design the summer cottage of your dreams! Let's make your dreams come true - one piece at a time.

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