Greetings from Minneapolis!


Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo were invited to Minneapolis. During their visit in May they gave lectures and explored the city. They visited among others Cuningham Group, Minneapolis University and Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Minneapolis, the sister city of Kuopio. Photo © Pa-La.

Jaana and Heikki met the city mayor Jacob Frey. In the photo they are along with Anita Jain who organized the visit and the program. Photo © Pa-La.

The Minneapolis city mayor Jacob Frey has spoken for eating less meat. The proclamation is seen in local Fig + Farro restaurant. Photo © Pa-La.

Willey House serves nowadays as museum. It has been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934. Photo © Pa-La.

Pa-La gave lecture in the gorgeous Woman’s Club of Minnesota. Photo © Pa-La.

Cuningham Group is an architectural and design office operating worldwide with over 300 employees. They have designed a wooden school building in Heinävaara, Finland.


Jaana and Heikki getting to know Rafter designed by Cuningham Group. Photo © Pa-La.

There are several artworks in the Minneapolis University area. In the photo there is Spannungsfeld by Julian Voss-Andreae. Photo © Pa-La.

“People make the City! The greenest City I have ever seen in my life is Minneapolis the sister city of Kuopio. Lots of parks all over the town and hidded public gardens near by the Mississippi river. Huge trees next by houses...and people just let them to be....”

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