Sf Studios’ renovation completed


At SF Studios in Helsinki, right next to the BioRex Redi cinema, work the curators of the film world, alias SF Studio's staff and their customers. Partanen & Lamusuo carried out a complete renovation of the premises, making them more user-friendly, using different shades of silver, warm wood and beautiful lamps as an effective means. Artist-architect couple's Liikkuva Linna was used as a principle in this project, where the customer's needs, wishes and dreams come first.

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Here is a picture of the space before the start of the renovation, quite dark and gloomy... ©Pa-La

..And here's the after picture. Light and comfort for the customer. Photo © Heikki Rautio

A layman could not have even imagined what kind of end result is obtained when the professionals are put to work. The space renovation succeeded beyond expectations.

-Timo Räisänen / SF Studios

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