Sauna like a piece of art


In the latest number of Avotakka magazine, there was an article “Kellarista Kotikylpylä”, which presented the sauna department that was created in the basement of an old house. Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd was asked for help with the project and we helped! It was time for the old sauna room to give space for a new look. The sauna benches themselves are built of slats and run around the wall and roof. A full-length glass wall was installed between the sauna and the washroom to allow beautiful natural light to flood the rooms. The home spa has both a tub and a separate shower, bringing luxury to a regular bath.


The bath brings luxury to the everyday life. Photo © Avotakka

The sauna benches run around the wall and roof. Photo © Avotakka

Go read the latest number of Avotakka (6/2020), and you will be able to admire spectacular pictures of the sauna department and read more about the renovation made there!

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