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  • Plan for the Hiltulanlahti area

Plan for the Hiltulanlahti area

Idea planning: 600 dwellings with services, shops and some small-scale industry
Commissioned by: Kuopio City Council, the City Planning Office
Chief Designer: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo


The Hiltulanlahti area is divided into sectors by the old main roads, the new motorway and the high-voltage power lines, and each of these sectors can be given an identity of its own by emphasizing its positive attributes. Meanwhile, the whole area will be given a unifying character by reinforcing the notion of "the village of Hiltulanlahti" and the sense of community attached to it and preserving its existing environmental values.

The village centre of Hiltulanlahti will be revitalized by building a new school next to Vanula, enlarging the existing shop and converting the old school into a day care centre. The old main road, which runs through the area, will be adopted as its principal thoroughfare, and the old road known as Sormulantie will be developed into one of the area's distinctive features, partly by emphasizing its character as a village street through the addition of more buildings conceived in a rural style. The fields close to the shore will continue to be cultivated, the new building being concentrated in the forested areas.

Idea planning of the Hiltulanlahti area, Kuopio, 2008. © Pa-La

Idea planning of the Hiltulanlahti area, Kuopio, 2008. © Pa-La

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