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Bronze Flow

Environmental artwork
On Route 5 at the Pajujärvi rock cutting, about 10 km to the south of the centre of Lapinlahti
Commissioned by: Municipality of Lapinlahti
Artists: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Thanks to: Fantasiarakenne, Raimo Snellman

07 / 2001

"Bronze flow" took the first prize in the competition organised by the MaisemaGalleria environmental art project, which was realised in collaboration with the Savo-Karjala District Road Administration. The main financer was the Pohjois-Savo Employment and Economic Development Centre.

The work is a tribute to Lapinlahti artist metal founders, from Arttu and Elias Halonen to the present day. The sculpted features in the form of the quarried surface of the rock have been emphasised by coating them with bronze. It is a work without sculptor. The main idea has been to find the already existing forms and highlight them.

Bronze Flow, 2001, coated bronze, 24 carat gold, size: 80m2, 7 x 150 m.

Working with Bronze Flow. Photo © Pa-La

Bronze Flow, 2001, detail. Photo © Pa-La

"Bronze Flow" was realised at a rock cutting 150 metres long and 8 metres high, about 10 kilometres to the south of the village of Lapinlahti. An area of rock some eighty square metres has been coated with bronze, with 24-carat gold used for highlights.

Bronze Flow, 2001, detail. Photo © Pa-La

Bronze Flow, 2001, detail. Photo © Pa-La

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