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  • Alkio Collection

Alkio Collection

Design item
Designers: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La Team: Outi Taskinen, Philippe Gelard


Alkio Collection was originally designed to complement the newly renovated Maxim Varkaus. The faux leather was selected as the upholstery material because of its cleanability. There are three different sizes of ottomans to make many variations. The Alkio Collection is manufactured by our local partner Sepon Kaluste.

Alkio collection items can be found in the following locations: Maxim Varkaus.


Alkio compliments the Tuma products. Maxim, Varkaus. Photo © Pa-La

Alkio sofa and Alkio ottoman, Maxim, Varkaus. Photo © Pa-La

Alkio repeats the tones of the foyer. Maxim, Varkaus. Photo © Pa-La

Vibrant textured upholstery material is used for Alkio products. Photo © Pa-La

Alkio-ottomen can be used in multiple arrangements. © Pa-La Design

Upholstery uplifts the furniture. Photo © Pa-La

We think that more important than flexibility for the creative collaboration is adaptability.
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