Lake Spa in WA Awards competition


Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd is going to participate in the WA Awards architecture competition and the winners will be announced at the end of this month. Our nomination for the competition is Lake Spa, where many ecological materials have been used. Visit the project presentation of Lake Spa on the WA Awards website: The competition will award five audience favorites.

If you are a member of WA (World Architecture Community) or have IDs for the site, you can visit to evaluate our project! Projects are evaluated with a grade of 1-10.

In the center of the main pool you can find the lyrical Heart of the Lake cave. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen

The ecological spa is heated by lake heat and solar energy. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen

The spa landscapes on the slope beautifully, respecting the scenery of the area. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen

Lake Spa is full of interesting details. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen

Ancient logs are in a major role in the spa. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen

The WA Awards have been held since 2006 and the competition rewards major projects with the potential to inspire contemporary architecture. The competition is global and at the same time guarantees a platform to promote one's own know-how.

The competition involves interesting projects from around the world. Worth to visit!

The wooden parts of the spa are old sunken logs and floating booms. Photo © Pekka Mäkinen

WA Awards: Remarkable projects inspiring contemporary architectural discourse.

Read more about Lake Spa!

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