Kuopio scolarship for Partanen & Lamusuo


The city of Kuopio awarded Partanen & Lamusuo a Kuopio scholarship. The award was given at Kuopio's anniversary celebration on Friday 18 November 2022. In the grounds for awarding the recognition, it is mentioned that Partanen & Lamusuo is a wonderful example of the union of art, innovation and business in Kuopio. The traces of the work can be seen positively in the cityscape of Kuopio. The artist couple has made Kuopio widely known in Finland and internationally.

In addition to Partanen & Lamusuo, the Kuopio scholarship was awarded to neurology professor Reetta Kälviänen.

Recipients of the Kuopio scholarship: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo. Photo: Vicente Serra.

Partanen & Lamusuo was awarded with Kuopio scholarship

Kuopio awarded an excellent group of local operators. Photo: Vicente Serra

Hanna Kalliokoski from Pa-La team also participated in the celebration. Photo: Vicente Serra.

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