Exhibition opening at Poikilo


Mental Alchemy – Everyday Alchemy 

Two parts, which one shall you choose?
Integrity and balance or chaos and tragedy?

Artist Jaana Partanen's exhibition opening was celebrated on 31.1.2018 at Kouvola Art Museum Poikilo. A new piece of art of the new Mental Alchemy series Avatar Layer is also on shown at the exhibition. Here is some pics from the occasion!

You can read more about the exhibition: www.jaanapartanen.fi

Exhibition at Poikilo Art Museum, Varuskuntakatu 11 Kouvola House 1.2. — 6.5.2018.

The Matrix Layer (2014) interactive media artwork engages exhibition visitors to move.

Crusade after rain (2002) has been made out of rocks, 24 carat gold, pearls and tiles.

People listened to the artist with enthusiasm at the opening ceremony.

Kaaba Opened (2002) was exhibited last time over 15 years ago.

The 3D photographs of Harry Potter Layer (2011) looks moving as you move.

Is there something eternal and mysterious lying behind this visible world of ours?

Can we humans have inexplicable powers?

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