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"Seinäjoki's new BioRex offers a world-class setting for movie enjoyment" - writes Meri Peltola in an article on Ecopho's website. "A movie theater has to play like a guitar but isolate the sound like a bunker" - Jaana Partanen & Heikki Lamusuo say in an interview. You can conveniently read this entire film architecture article at this link:

Here at Partanen & Lamusuo, through the BioRex and Savon Kinot projects, we have been leading factors in the field of Finnish cinema architecture for a long time. The main goals have been to get aesthetic and vivid experiences from the theaters that rise above everyday life, with modern world-class performance technology. It is important to emphasize the surprising and exhilarating spatial experience, so that the viewer can be included in the film's storytelling from the front door of the theater.

PHOTOS: Tuukka Kiviranta

Aesthetic and lively hall BioRex in Seinäjoki. PHOTO: Tuukka Kiviranta

Comfort is an important element. PHOTO: Tuukka Kiviranta

Cozy lobby spaces are part of the movie experience.


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