The Pious and the Pagans is open!


Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd has designed the new exhibition of the National Museum of Finland in the historical premises of the Häme Castle. The Pious and the Pagans exhibition displays both modern and ancient sculptures, connected by the same material: wood. The skilfully worked artworks create an interesting suspense, as the new and the old meet.

The colour themes of the different rooms of the castle have been inspired by the earth pigments used for decorating wooden sculptures in the Middle Ages. The cone-shaped, gilded, rough wooden pedestals lift the sculptures to a worthy position. Variable lighting, in turn, brings an intensive, perhaps a little exciting feel to the exhibition tour. The unique collection of artworks as a part of a culturohistorical castle environment is something worth coming to see from afar as well.

A warm welcome to the exhibition!

The Pa-La team: Outi Taskinen, designer BA, and Emmi Kinnunen, interior designer

The Pious and the Pagans exhibition, theme room “Love”. Kuva © Soile Tirilä

The wood texture pattern inspired by the material of the artworks is visible on the glass surface.

The golden finishing of the pedestals reveals the rugged wooden surface.

The Pious and the Pagans exhibition, 2017.

Pyhät ja pakanat – Ihmisyyden kuvia (The Pious and the Pagans – Portrayals of Humanity), 28/4–17/12/2017 Häme Castle

You can find a video about exhibition from our Youtube-channel.