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Location: The Tossavainen family grave, Tervo Cemetery, Tervo, Finland
Commissioned by: The heirs of Tossavainen
Poems: Jouni Tossavainen
Artists: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo

07 / 2006

"Poemstone" rises up out of the moss-covered cemetery. Jouni Tossavainen's poems of mourning run in silver lettering across the surface of the monolithic slab of verse. There are four poems, one on each side. One poem runs on from the next over the edge and mix with other, from one space to the next. When you walk around the stone, you can read the poem in different way. The carefully chosen natural stones, for the mother, the father and those to come, are located around the slab of verse.

Poemstone, 2006, polished black gabbro from Lapland, silver lettering, size: 1,5 x 0,3 x 0,3 m.

Poemstone, 2006. Photo © Pa-La

Poemstone, 2006. Photo © Pa-La

Poemstone, 2006. Photo © Pa-La


Poems by Jouni Tossavainen circulates around the stone. Photo © Pa-La

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