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  • Elixir of life

  • Elixir of life

Elixir of life

Location: Restaurant CaWa, Alava’s property, Kaartokatu 9, 70620 Kuopio
Commissioned by: Leilan Pannu ja Pata
In cooperation with: Niiralan Kulma Oy, QWIM Arkkitehdit Oy, Skanska Oy
Artwork by: Jaana Partanen
Pa-La team: Kirsi Pitkänen, Sami Teppo
Architectural concept by: Heikki Lamusuo

12 / 2006

The elixir of life runs out of Leila's kettle into the golden cup. The artwork can be seen from outside through the windows as it greets those entering the building and welcomes them to the ambiance of the cafeteria. The natural light coming through the large windows plays with the metal surfaces of the piece, changing its character depending on the weather and time of day. The kettle in this piece is situated in the coffee area, high up on the corner of the wall and the curved parapet. The part of the kettle on the reddish wall is a warm gold, while the body of the kettle on the curved white surface is glowing copper. The golden cup and saucer are situated on the floor surface not far from the kettle's spout.

Elixir of life, 2006, metal leaf, 24 carat gold, size, 5,5 x 3 m.

Elixir of life, 2006. Photo © Pa-La

Elixir of life, 2006, detail. Photo © Pa-La

Elixir of life, 2006, detail. Photo © Pa-La

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