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  • Centre of the World

Centre of the World

Location: Satuvakka Day-care Centre, Varsitie 1, 88610 Vuokatti/Sotkamo
Commissioned by: The Municipality of Sotkamo
Thanks to: Rakennusliike RPK
Atrwork by: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Kirsi Pitkänen and Markus Mönkkönen
Architect: Heikki Lamusuo / Sillman arkkitehtitoimisto

11 / 2004

The Centre of the World is a two-part work which forms a permanent part of the architecture of the Satuvakka Day-care Centre, and was realised on-site directly into the wall. The round part in the assembly hall functions as a climbing wall for children, while the second, sickle-shaped part is located in the narrow wall at the far end of Satutori. The art piece gives the centre's turquoise premises a planetarium feel. The materials used are grained plywood that has been worked into a form and 24-carat gold.

Centre of the World, 2004, plywood and 24 carat gold, size 4,5 m
Centre of the World, part 2, 2004, plywood and 24 carat gold, size 4,5 m.

Centre of the World gives you an possibility to test your limits. Photo © Pa-La

Centre of the World, 2004. Photo © Pa-La

Centre of the World, part 2, 2004. Photo © Pa-La

Centre of the World musical document

Centre of the World (Maailmannapa) documents the creation of a public work of art in a music video. The document brings forth how a work of art is implemented as a part of architecture and how it makes the building individualistic, distinguishable and a welcoming part of the environment.

Duration 3´28´´
Script and directing: Partanen & Lamusuo, Miika. J. Norvanto
Filming, editing and technical realisation: Black Lion, Kajaani
Music: Aavikko
Producer: The Municipality of Sotkamo

Centre of the World, still image from video documentary, 2005. © Pa-La

Centre of the World, still image from video documentary, 2005. © Pa-La

"The Centre of the World has been made for the children themselves. They are the navel, the purpose of the day-care centre and the centre of the worlds of their families."

- Jaana Partanen in the work Arjen alkemiaa (Everyday Alchemy)

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