My Way


Saaga Lamusuo – the daughter of Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo – has written her first book My Way. She has also translated the text in English and illustrated the front cover. The book has now been published both in Finnish and in English. It is available as print book and e-book at:

My Way is based on Saaga’s travel diaries. It’s a story about becoming independent, about growth and the battle between inner and outer world.

At the end of this summer Pa-La team has enjoyed yoga lessons by Saaga. Now she is heading for new challenges as she is moving to Spain to start her design studies. Pa-La team wishes good luck for the future!

The happy author with her first book. Photo © Pa-La.

Saaga Lamusuo is a yoga teacher. Photo © Pa-La.

My Way is available in English and in Finnish, here in more traditional print book, also available as an e-book. Kuva © Pa-La.

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