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  • The Höyhtyä Crossess

The Höyhtyä Crossess

Commissioned by: Oulu City Council
Location: Health Centre of Höyhtyä, Hanhitie 15, Oulu, Finland
Thanks to: Architecture Company, Martti Karsikas
Artists: Jaana Partanen ja Heikki Lamusuo

06 / 2006
01 / 2007

The Höyhtyä Health Centre's four-part art project spreads over the walls both inside and outside. The Höyhtyä Crosses are a continuation of the earlier line of work of artists Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo. Their artwork is planned specifically for each location, with the aim of integrating it into the surrounding environment as much as possible. Some works also include a strong functional or practical dimension. The health centre's artwork series plays with the wall constructions, revealing in places what is under the surface, while elsewhere shielding it - like the health centre does.

The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 1, 2006, brick, paint coating, size: 2 x 2 m.
The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 2, 2006, brick, plaster, size: 4,5 x 4,5 m.
The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 3, 2006, plaster, size: 0,6 x 0,6 m.
The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 4, 2006, floor carpet, crossess 8 pieces.

The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 2, 2006.

The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 3, 2006. Photo © Pa-La

Höyhtyä Health Centre, Oulu, 2006. Photo © Pa-La

The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 4, 2006. Photo© Pa-La

The Höyhtyä Crossess, part 1, 2006. Photo © Pa-La

The Höyhtyä Crossess musical document

The Höyhtyä Crosses (Höyhtyän ruksit) documents the creation of a public work of art in a music video. The document brings forth how a work of art is implemented as a part of architecture and how it makes the building individualistic, distinguishable and a welcoming part of the environment.

Duration 3´00´´
Script: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Directing: Jaana Partanen
Filming: Jukka Kontiainen, Heikki Lamusuo, Jaana Partanen
Editing: Hannu Hoffren
Music: Aavikko
Producer: Partanen & Lamusuo Partnership

Höyhtyä Crossess video

The video Höyhtyä Crosses documents the creation of the work in a music video.

Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo working together with the Höyhtyä Crossess first part, Oulu, 2006. © Pa-La

The Höyhtyä crossess, still image from video documentary, 2006. © Pa-La

"The walls of a building are like a person's skin; they are a shield between the self and the world outside. Under the surface there is always something interesting, rugged, sensitive, vulnerable..."

- Arjen alkemiaa (Maahenki, 2007).

We think that more important than flexibility for the creative collaboration is adaptability.
The ability to tell the same story even when the amount of pages in the book changes. With the knowledge collected having completed hundreds of small and large projects we can deduce that even though we are very proud of what we have accomplished the merit for our best work goes to our clients. They have shared our point of view that we only succeed because we share the same vision and dream. We design spaces, buildings and environments that are comfortable to live and work, pleasant to the eye and sustainable. We are creative design and architectural group, we want to create an inclusive world all around us - Piece by Piece.